20. December 2021

Mercedes-Benz appeared at the premiere of The Matrix Resurrections

The new film The Matrix Resurrections celebrated its US premiere at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco on 18 December 2021. Mercedes-Benz appeared at the premiere with a spectacular publicity stunt.

The installation of a 12 metres long red pill amazed many spectators in front of the historic movie palace. The red pill, which stands in contrast to the blue pill, is a well-known metaphor from The Matrix franchise. In the oversized version of the red pill next to the red carpet, a Mercedes-AMG G 63 was presented.

In the film, the off-road icon G-Class also takes part in a fast-paced chase. In a G 550 (US model), more rebels pave the way for Neo and Trinity, the two main movie characters, to escape from the Matrix.

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