Marleen experiences her everyday life as a steep mountain – impossible to climb! Even her beloved big brother does not manage to get Marleen out of her permanent poor form. Only through a personal catastrophe the despicable young woman is so shaken up that she gets head over heels on an adventure that is quite a few numbers too big for her: In Hamburg harbor, a ship is waiting for her, with which she wants to travel to Antarctica. But how should she reach Hamburg with only eight euros in her pocket? This is the beginning of a magical, both emotional and funny journey. And she makes the surprising experience: the further she travels, the closer she gets to herself.

Branded Entertainment agency LOCAVI handled the integration of a MB 206 in the comedy and assisted client Mercedes-Benz with its sponsorship of the German premiere on 5th March 2018 in Cologne. Watch the movie trailer (in German) here.

Film release: Vielmachglas was released on March 8, 2018 in German cinemas.

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