Gut gegen Nordwind

Due to a twisted letter Leo Leike (Alexander Fehling) accidentally receives an email from Emma Rothner (Nora Tschirner). The linguist answers promptly. They start a fast, fun and more and more intimate email dialogue. A few weeks and many messages sent and received later, it becomes a virtual friendship. Leo and Emma initially decide to keep their connection purely digital as a small escape from everyday life - because Leo doesn’t get away from his ex-girlfriend Marlene (Claudia Eisinger) and Emma is married to Bernhard (Ulrich Thomsen) and has two stepchildren. Nevertheless, the two entrust their innermost to each other and get closer and closer on the fine line between total strangeness and non-binding intimacy.

Branded Entertainment agency LOCAVI handled the integration of a Mercedes-Benz B-Class in the film adaptation of Daniel Glattauer’s best-selling novel. Watch the movie trailer (in German) here.

Film release: Gut gegen Nordwind was released on September 12, 2019 in German cinemas.

Copyright Notice: Press photo: © 2019 Komplizen Film/ Anne Wilk; set stills: © 2019 Komplizen Film/ Bernd Spauke

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