Our Services

The below offers an overview of our spectrum of consulting services. We will of course tailor our service offerings to fit your company’s individual needs, you can then choose among our specific service packets.

LOCAVI.Strategic Consulting

It’s best to know the type of market environment your brand is competing in. We will develop overarching strategic guidelines for using branded entertainment based on your brand strategy and marketing objectives. These guidelines are shaped by the fields of operation that are suitable for your brand. We provide strategically-grounded consulting throughout all of the phases of your branded entertainment project.

LOCAVI.Creative Consulting

Marketing and PR measures that activate upon a branded entertainment project contribute greatly to the project’s overall success. You already have specialized agencies for all the steps and instruments involved in that process, so why do you need our services?

By working closely with your marketing agency, we support the development and realization of creative communication concepts; these communication concepts guarantee a successful activation of your project while also meeting the expectations of your collaborative partner (who often holds the rights to a project).


The competition does not sleep. Companies from outside of your industry can also serve as inspiration. We conduct trendwatching and analysis, providing you with the need to know information regarding competitor activities and best practice cases from the field of branded entertainment in our regularly published reports. 


In general, branded entertainment depends on close working relationships with partners from the entertainment industry. This makes collaborative contracts an absolute necessity. Working in harmony with your legal department or specialized legal representative, we will help you define and negotiate the correct subject mater and wording for contracts that reflects your marketing goals. 

LOCAVI.Project Detection

To be honest, branded entertainment requires some skill at cherry picking. There is of course only a limited amount of desirable opportunities, these are the ones that brands fight to get. In order to secure suitable projects and partners from the German and American entertainment industries, we continually have our eyes on the market. We offer timely identification of strategically desirable projects and business partners. 

LOCAVI.Project Analysis

Branded entertainment provides major opportunities for your brand, up to now you have always received them as project proposals  – but it is not always easy to winnow out the best from the rest.

We inspect every proposal, whether it is a script or a concept design, checking the (expected) quality of a proposed integration, target groups, whether a project fits your brand and all the other details that you need to know before committing your marketing budget to a project.

LOCAVI.Project Management

Branded entertainment projects are demanding. They typically do not run exactly according to plan, and they are not 100% compatible with the learned operating processes within a marketing and PR department. 

We help you maintain an overview of the total project and handle coordination and information distribution with all involved parties. This ensures that no obstacle stands in the way of realizing your project. Furthermore, we provide for trouble-free operational implementation of collaborations with entertainment partners – starting with coordinating and preparing for meetings and extending to organizing the delivery of your product on set. 


  • In essence branded entertainment means that you surrender some of your creative responsibility in terms of brand presentation. We have developed pragmatic tools that allow us to measure the quality of your brand and product integration. 
  • Working closely with your chosen and trusted partner, we are happy to advise you on the effectiveness of associated advertising and PR measures.
  • Once major projects are completed, we create detailed project reports for your records.