Project CARS 3

“Project CARS 3” is the newest entry in the successful racing games series from developer Slightly Mad Studios and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment. With a re-designed career mode, a more accessible gameplay approach, brand new but also lots of fan-favorite tracks, the game offers a great overall package for any kind of racing fan.

As with all Project CARS games, players can choose from a broad variety of Mercedes-Benz & Mercedes-AMG vehicles that are being part of the game’s car pool. The Mercedes-AMG GT R actually received the honor to stand out as hero-car on the European cover of Project CARS 3’s retail- and standard digital- editions. In addition, the Mercedes-AMG GT 3 can be seen on the game’s digital deluxe edition cover artwork.

In line with the release of the game, Mercedes-Benz as well as Mercedes-AMG issued various posts on their Instagram-, Twitter- & Facebook-Accounts promoting the game & the Mercedes-AMG cover artwork.

LOCAVI took care and oversaw these activities on behalf of its client Mercedes-Benz.

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