Alan Walker Cooperation

The successful product placement of the smart EQ fortwo in Alan Walker´s music video of his hit single “On My Way”, released in March 2019, to date with nearly 300 million views on YouTube, was the basis for a long-term collaboration between smart and the Norwegian star DJ in the second half of 2019.

The transformation of smart to a fully electric car brand was celebrated together with a bunch of special branded entertainment activities.

Vlogs, meet & greets with fans, a branded and curated playlist and, as a highlight, a corporate live gig of Alan Walker at the Frankfurt Motor Show formed the core elements of the cooperation.

Get a few impressions below:

LOCAVI implemented the project on behalf of customer smart in cooperation with the labels Sony Music (Brand Partnership Department) and MER.

Copyright Notice: © 2019 MER / smart (photos Frankfurt Motor Show: Thomas Burblies)

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